Gar: “Yes, yesssss, the Slime Apocalypse is nigh! Your next task will be a bit more difficult. Take this cage and travel to the west and catch me a rare Blue Slime. Do this for me and my slimes and I may spare you in the coming revolution!”

Directions Edit

  1. Obtain the quest from Gar in Ennar.
  2. Receive a Blue Slime Charm from Gar.
  3. Encounter a Blue Slime in battle and use the Charm on it, greatly increasing the odds of it joining your party after the fight ends.
  4. Return to Gar.
Apocalypse Now
 NPC: Gar
 Requires: So I heard you like Slimes?
 Follow Up: None

 Currency: None
 Experience: 25 XP
 Item: Slime Hat

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